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The perception of beauty from childhood to old age has changed due to the revolution in cosmeceuticals science and increased consumer awareness about aesthetics. Nonsurgical rejuvenating procedures are a great way to beautify facial aesthetics without the downtime associated with traditional surgical procedures like facelifts. At FaceLipsTeeth (FLT), you’ll discover a compassionate, highly skilled dentist that offers far more than traditional cosmetic dentistry to help patients achieve beautiful facial aesthetics. In addition to vast expertise creating and placing state-of-the-art dental implants, Dr. Mike Elvis Calderón has advanced training, experience, and a passion for the artistic creation of naturally beautiful faces. The practice offers several facial procedures including vampire facials, Botox®, and PDO thread lifts in West Islip and Oceanside, NY.

The Pursuit of Timeless Facial Beauty Impacts All Ages

It’s common for individuals to pursue ideal beauty long before the effects of aging wreak havoc on their smooth faces and cause skin laxity, volume loss, and wrinkles. In fact, according to recent research, the millennial generation (individuals born between 1981 and 1996) have emerged as a leading patient demographic seeking minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Globally, millennials are more likely to consider preventative treatments than any other age-group, with Botox and dermal fillers topping the list of minimally invasive facial procedures they seek.

Creating Facial Beauty

During an initial consultation. Dr. Calderón evaluates your facial structure, asks about your cosmetic objectives, and explains which procedures enable creating facial beauty to complete your smile. Many patients decide to get these services before or after they receive restorative smile procedures such as full arch dental implants or porcelain veneers. During this process, Dr. Calderón studies the curves, angles and contours of your facial features and their relationships and proportions.

“A gorgeous smile is about more than pearly whites. Creating a beautiful frame for my patients’ smiles completes a picture-perfect look and boosts their quality of life.”

FLT Minimally Invasive Facial Procedures


PDO Thread Lift (Nonsurgical Facelift)

Although threads made of 18-G polydioxanones (PDO) have been used safely for decades for different medical procedures, their use for nonsurgical facelifts is much newer. PDO threads dissolve after six to nine months. Approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy, PDO thread lifts are simpler, quicker, less invasive, and more cost effective than conventional surgical facelifts. PDO threads come in varying shapes, lengths, and thicknesses with associated differences in tensile strength, efficacy, quality, and cost of treatment. While this is a nonsurgical type of facelift, experience matters because the right number and type of thread must be used to achieve varying degrees of lift, skin tightening, and cellular rejuvenation. During a PDO thread lift in West Islip and Oceanside, NY, Dr. Calderón carefully selects the most optimal type of PDO thread, then anchors and inserts it into different layers of skin with needles. In general, between one and 15 threads are used per section. A PDO thread lift can result in instant tightening of sagging facial skin, although full effects take one to two months.


Vampire Facial

Commonly referred to by its nonclinical name vampire facial, this minimally invasive treatment leverages the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The efficacy of platelet concentrates in promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration has been the subject of scientific study during the past few decades, with growing applications in regenerative medicine. PRP is already a proven technique used in dentistry to enhance healing after periodontal and surgical procedures such as scaling and root planning and bone grafting. To collect PRP, the FLT team takes a simple blood draw from your arm, then places the vials of blood in a centrifuge. This action separates the blood into three distinct layers: plasma on top, platelets and blood cells in the middle, and red blood cells at the bottom. PRP is derived from the center part, also known as the serum portion. This procedure can also be performed in combination with microneedling to improve outcomes. If you’re receiving PRP with microneedling, a numbing cream is applied to your face and then fine needles ranging in size from .5 to 2.5 millimeters are used to puncture your skin. Once the face is adequately numbed and microneedling is complete, PRP is rubbed on the skin. PRP remains on your face the rest of the day to maximize results.

A vampire facial boosts new skin cell and collagen growth and improves skin tone and texture. Microneedling with PRP can also reduce fine lines and signs of aging. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals with visible acne scars or skin damage from prolonged sun exposure. Studies have shown PRP application (even a single one) is considered an effective, safe procedure for the rejuvenation of facial skin. Common side effects that may linger a few days after treatment include dry, red, or sensitive skin that is similar to a mild sunburn.



Botox is a neurotoxin formulated from bacterium clostridium botulinm. Beginning in 2002, the applications for Botox expanded to aesthetic procedures. Since then, Botox has been the subject of numerous research studies that have proven its efficacy when administered carefully and properly. The neurotoxin has the proven ability to relax muscles in the face to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox exploded in popularity due to its efficacy, tolerability, and minimally invasive nature. While Botox injections can be completed in a few minutes, it can take 24 to 48 hours to start seeing a diminished appearance of wrinkles. According to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 4.4 million Botox procedures were administered in the U.S. in 2020. The report didn’t break this number down further by the type of procedure administered.

In 2013, several national and state-level dental commissions and boards affirmed the ability of general dentists to use Botox and dermal fillers to treat functional or aesthetic dental conditions and their direct aesthetic consequences. The treating dentist must also have appropriate, verifiable training and experience. Dr. Calderón was trained on the use of Botox by top clinicians in Milan, Italy with a client list that includes elite fashion models. Botox in Oceanside and West Islip, NY is a popular treatment, including for patients that opt for a highly convenient and cost-effective FLT package.


Juvederm lip fillers

Juvederm lip fillers are a type of dermal filler that is injected into the lips to add volume and definition. They are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps to keep it hydrated and plump. Juvederm lip fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure that can help to create a more youthful and attractive appearance.
The procedure is typically performed in a doctor's office and takes about 30 minutes. The filler is injected into the lips using a small needle, and there is usually some mild discomfort associated with the procedure. Most patients experience bruising and swelling for a few days after the procedure, but these side effects typically resolve on their own.

The results of Juvederm lip fillers can last for up to one year, depending on the individual. The procedure is generally safe and effective, but there are some potential risks, such as infection, bruising, and swelling. It is important to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of Juvederm lip fillers before making a decision about whether or not to have the procedure.

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