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Delivering Timeless Smiles and Ageless Beauty

When you visit FaceLipsTeeth (FLT), you’ll find a dental practice like no other with a highly skilled dentist dedicated to restoring more than your smile. Dr. Mike Elvis Calderón has mastered general dentistry and the art of dental implants in a stellar career dating back to 1999. Now he is redefining the meaning of smile makeovers by offering a complete facial beauty package under one roof. In addition to being a renowned implant specialist, educator, and founder of the Calderón Institute, Dr. Calderon trained under top facial aesthetic clinicians in Milan, Italy with a client list that includes the world’s most elite runway models. Today, FLT is leading the charge, revolutionizing the practice of cosmetic dentistry with treatments including PDO thread lift in Oceanside and West Islip, NY. Patients that choose a FLT package will reap the benefits of getting a customized, discounted menu of services from full mouth reconstruction and a vampire facial to Botoxâ and Juvédermâ.

Revitalizing Fading Facial Beauty

Plastic surgeons and other aesthetic clinicians have searched to uncover the truth behind facial aging in a quest to restore the attractive, youthful facial characteristics to their patients. An accelerated appearance of facial aging is associated with factors including body mass index, hormones, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and unprotected sun exposure. In dentistry, it’s a long known fact that tooth loss is a major contributing factor to premature facial aging due to loss of jawbone. The sunken-in look associated with traditional, ill-fitting dentures comes to mind.


Advancements made in dental implant technology revolutionized the ability to prevent bone loss and its associated aesthetic issues. Yet full mouth dental implants and cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers don’t rejuvenate all the elements that make a great smile! To fulfill his FLT philosophy of whole beauty, Dr. Calderón offers a customized package that includes full mouth reconstruction in Oceanside and West Islip and the following state-of-the-art treatments for the face:

The Age of the Perfect Pout

Lips are considered sexy because it’s ingrained in our culture and part of being human! Women and even men recognize that the fullness, shape, smoothness, and softness of their lips matters. Aging can cause wrinkles around the lips and diminish their smoothness and fullness. The prettiest pearly whites can get lost in a smile when lips are too thin. A good analogy is a masterpiece painting being framed in a picture frame that detracts from its beauty. Lip augmentation is popular because it helps people look and feel sexier and more confident. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a 50% increase in lip augmentations in the 18 to 55-plus age demographic between 2000 and 2016. The Society reported that 13.2 million minimally-invasive procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2020, with the top two being Botox and soft tissue fillers. Dr. Calderón is skilled in administering lip defining and plumping procedures, including:


Restoring Teeth for Beautiful Smiles

Aging can take a toll on beauty and the mouth is no exception. Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss among older adults. And while older people experience higher rates of gum disease, oral infections, discolored teeth, and tooth loss, these issues can affect people of all ages. Weakened enamel can lead to more serious dental problems. A crack or break in the tooth’s outer surface opens up the door to irritation and inflammation of delicate pulp tissue. Poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, certain diseases and medications, and foods/drinks can cause discolored teeth. Thankfully, there are many dental procedures that can restore your smile to its former glory, even if you’re missing many or all your teeth.

Dr. Calderón offers the following procedures to restore your pearly whites:


Imagine no longer—dream beauty is within reach!

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