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A Beautiful Picture Frame For Your Smile

The FLT treatment philosophy is unique in dentistry because it blends the concept of a smile makeover with nonsurgical facial rejuvenation services traditionally offered by plastic and dermatological surgeons. Leveraging the unique FLT approach, we restore teeth with state-of-the-art technology and rejuvenate facial aesthetics with services backed by robust scientific evidence! Dr. Calderón has advanced training and extensive experience providing all of these services under one roof at highly competitive prices. Turn back the clock and provide a gorgeous frame for your beautiful smile with evidence-based, transformative services.

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Beautiful Facial & Lip Aesthetics

While there has been huge growth in cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore pearly whites, these services don’t truly deliver a complete smile transformation. Fine lines and wrinkles around lips, deeper folds running from your nose to mouth or your mouth to chin, or thin lips that lack sensuality are real problems not addressed through traditional smile makeovers. In addition to vast expertise placing dental implants in Oceanside and West Islip, NY, Dr. Calderón trained in Milan, Italy under the tutelage of renowned clinicians that provide aesthetic treatments to elite fashion models. With the FLT approach, teeth are restored with the latest technology and facial aesthetics are rejuvenated with minimally invasive procedures backed by robust scientific evidence, all under one roof!

Full Mouth Dental Implants

For people with failing or missing teeth, severe jaw bone loss, or complete tooth loss, full mouth dental implants in Oceanside and West Islip, NY can provide a significant and dramatic transformation. At FLT, we use the All-on-X method because it provides the ability to strategically place a greater number of dental implants in sites with the densest bone. And in many cases, this approach eliminates the need for bone grafting. This cost-efficient, streamlined method for restoring missing teeth will enable you to smile, speak, and laugh with newfound confidence and eat all the foods you love.

Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants

Dr. Calderón’s long and impressive track record placing dental implants has provided him with the knowledge and skills to analyze his patients’ unique bone structure and quality. Zygomatic implants are designed specifically to be placed in the cheekbone (zygoma), a dense bone that provides excellent and secure lifetime support. Placing implants in the pterygoid region leverages existing dense cortical bone. Both of these protocols typically eliminate the need for maxillary sinus elevation and bone grafting procedures. Dr. Calderón’s extensive expertise placing these sophisticated dental implants in West Islip and Oceanside, NY ensures smiles that last a lifetime.

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